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Title Free Seminar on Changing Face of Bathroom
Date 2017-07-28 오후 3:28:40 Read 2606
Hello, Moolmang again!

We would like to invite you to free seminar on "Changing Face of Bathroom".

*Date: Sunday, 30th July
*Time: 4. 15pm
*Venue: NKMs Grand, Erramanzil Colony, Hyderabad, India

According to Wikipedia "A bathroom is a room in the home for personal hygiene activities, generally containing a sink (basin) and either a bathrub, a shower, or both."

If that is what you think, think again.

-Bathroom is the new 'Status Symbol' now
-"People are spending more money in bathroom than bedrooms"
-Bathroom is now a "Wellness Room" too
-It is the coolest place where people spend some peaceful moments
-It is the place where best creative minutes of the day are spent
-Even some of the world's greatest ideas have come-in from bathroom

Come and listen experts speak on these and many more interesting aspects of bathrooms. If you are a student of Interior/Design/Architecture or to be proud owner of a home, you can not afford to miss this.


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