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Title Fun & Exciting Event! Brasil World Cup 2014 with Vita Fresh Shower Filter!
Date 2014-06-20 오전 11:48:59 Read 7557
Brasil World Cup 2014 with Vita Fresh Shower Filter!

Are you enjoying Brasil World Cup 2014? 

Here is Fun & Exciting Event with Brasil World Cup 2014 for You!

Predict the winning team of Brasil World Cup 2014! Then, gets a huge gift with free of charge (About USD 135.00 / Vita Fresh Shower Filter full package & Refill filter 3 pc in 1 pack) and free delivery by EMS to your door! 

a.Event Period
: June.20th~July.11th, 2014

b.The Winner Announcement of This Event
: July. 12th, 2014 by PM 06:00 (Korean Local Time)
: Changed into July.14th (AM 09:00, Korean Local Time)

c.The Way to Enter for The Event
: Please just send us the name of the team that you are predicting as the winner team of Brasil World Cup 2014 via our  event official email ubsinc2008@gmail.com

d. Entry Age
: Over 19 years old.

We will announce the lucky winner of this event on July. 12th, 2014 by selected randomly and be noticed through our homepage,facebook, twitter, blogger.

What are you waiting for! 
Just enjoy fun & exciting Brasil World Cup 2014 and gets a huge gift!

vita fresh shower filter with brasil world cup 2014
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