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Title News for Water Purifier_2: Why We Drink Water
Date 2013-01-23 오후 4:44:29 Read 10879
News for Water Purifier_2: Why We Drink Water
Our body is composited with water about 70%, and, water is seriously related in all of the body's functioning like as muscle / about 75%, brain cell / about 85%, blood cell / about 82%, bone / about 25%. Generally, in case adults, it is quite difficult to keep them alive over 5 days without drinking water although we can sustentative for 5~7 weeks without foods.

These days, we are drink and encounter with varied water and beverage in our daily life such as coffee, juice, soft drink, energy drink, etc.

However, there is may no one who knows the fact exactly even we drink those things repeatedly. Because, those things are play a major role of dehydration. In other words, your body is going on the dehydration everyday and repeatedly as much as you drink.

As long as last this condition in your body, needless to say again, it is really harmful to your health. Moreover, this status will be one of key factor to promote aging of the body. You may know and figure it out how important through the simple truth: In case baby is composited the body with water about 80%, but, this value will decrease as about 50% when we getting older.
By this reason, we sincerely recommend you that drinking water enough in your daily life is the best way to keep your health and prevent the body aging rather than purchase expensive cosmetic, varied health supplements and foods.

It will be our great pleasure, if our water purifier can provide convenient to your daily life with clean and healthy water.

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