Vitafresh® Shower Filter enriches your needs for shower & bath with healthy

Vitafresh® Pet Shower

Vitafresh Pet Shower

Vitafresh Pet Shower

Washing your pet in the shower has never been easier for you and your pet. No more messy bucket, no more flimsy hoses that blow off the faucet. Now shampoo rinses away fast.


Vitafresh Pet Shower easily connects to your shower mixture. Vitafresh Shower Filter easy to install and the flexible hose connects quickly. Moreover, Brush Shower Head give comfortable massage and brush pet’s hair smoothly. Also, this shower head allows you to control the flow by on/off button.

Vita-Fresh Pet Shower

Vita-Fresh Pet Shower


Vita-Fresh Pet Shower Specification
Model No. UVFPS-S705

Vitafresh Pet Shower

Filter Lifespan

6~8 weeks per each cartridge Filter
(Includes 2 pc of extra refill cartridge with Vitafresh Shower Filter)
*Totally able to use for 4~6 months / Depending on water quality & usage


12 ~ 60 °C (53.6 ~ 140 °F)

Water Pressure

2~8kgf/㎠ (28.4 ~ 113.6 PSI)

Net Weight

700 g


ABS, PP, PC, SUS, NBR, Silicon

Component Parts

Vitafresh Shower Filter, Extra Vitamin C Refill Cartridge 2 pc, Brush Shower Head,

Luxury SUS Flexible Shower Hose (50 inches), Hanger,
Thread Seal Tape(For easier install), Installation Instruction