Latest & unique new designed bidet sprayer system for your rinsing & cleaning!

Vitamax® Deluxe Bidet Sprayer System

Vitamax® Deluxe Bidet Sprayer System


VITAMAX® Deluxe Bidet Sprayer System is latest & unique new designed system for your rinsing & cleaning. Also, it is simple & easy way to retrofit your existing toilet and provide highest level of personal hygienic to clean yourself.


  • Unique & sleek designed bidet sprayer allows to you easily rinse & clean all your bottom areas while comfortably sitting on the toilet.
  • Deluxe SE(Sediment) Shower Filter of this system provide clean water that filtered fine pollutants like rust, dust, lime, algae, etc and easy to replace the filter cartridge after install.
  • Includes extra 3 pc of SE refill filter with Deluxe SE Shower Filter for convenient use.
  • Includes anti-drop hanger for convenient use & to prevent drop on the floor. Also, it is for easy to place the bidet sprayer on the position after use.
  • Includes brass T-connector & on/off valve of high quality & durability to control the water pressure / flow going into the bidet sprayer. Also, it is include elegant stainless steel flexible shower hose (59 inches).

How It Works

Luxurious Package Design


Multi Purpose Water Filter Specification
Model No. ULBF-101SE
Product VITAMAX® Deluxe Bidet Sprayer System
Filter Lifespan 1~3 months per each cartridge Filter
(Includes extra 3 pc of SE refill cartridge with Deluxe SE Shower Filter)
*Totally able to use for 4~12 months / Depending on water quality & usage
Temperature 12 ~ 60 °C (53.6 ~ 140 °F)
Water Pressure 2~8kgf/㎠ (28.4 ~ 113.6 PSI)
Net Weight 700 g
Material ABS, PP, PC, SUS, NBR, Brass
Component Parts Bidet Sprayer, Deluxe SE Shower Filter, extra 3 pc of SE Refill Filter,
Anti-drop Hanger, SUS Flexible Shower Hose (59 inches),
Brass T-Connector (M7/8" x F7/8" x M1/2"),
Thread Seal Tape(For easier install), Installation Instruction