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Improve water taste and formed varied pore

Carbon Block Filter

Feature of Carbon Block Filter

Carbon Block Filter

Our carbon block filter (Pre filter) processed by pressure and heat on extrusion molding. Unlike the compression molding on carbon block filter, our carbon block filter shows the strong point as follows since added more over 30% activated carbon and using less PE binder about 25% than the compression molding.


  • Less fine dust and higher strength by excellent binding power with activated carbon and binder.
  • Improve water taste since added more activated carbon on extrusion molding.
  • Less by-product by lower molding temperature.
  • Formed varied pore (micro, medium, large pore structure)
  • Stable absorption performance.

Production Specification of Carbon Block

Carbon Block Filter Specification

Carbon Block Filter Specification
Line Outer Dia. Inner Dia. Length Micron
1 38mm 15.5mm 100 mm~ 1~4 micron
2 42mm 21mm 100 mm~ 1~4 micron
3 43mm 21mm 100 mm~ 1~4 micron
4 44mm 15.5mm 100 mm~ 1~4 micron
5 45mm 21mm 100 mm~ 1~4 micron
6 58mm 32mm 100 mm~ 1~4 micron
7 63mm 32mm 100 mm~ 1~4 micron
8 85mm 45mm 100 mm~ 1~4 micron
Outer diameter will be added 1mm when combined with sediment filter.