Healthy & Clean Shower For Travel

Romance Shower Filter



Aging Water Tank

Many of accommodations supply water through aging water tank and pipe. You may have some experience for skin irritation after take a shower.

Rust, Sediments & Lime

Rust(Red Water) may caused by worn out pipe and it may contained Iron, sediments and lime. These may affect your skin condition.

Skin Troubles

Exposure to rust, sediments and lime have been linked to skin irritation, increased allergy reaction and eye issues, etc.



Taking a refreshing shower washes away your daily fatigue during your travel. Sometimes, though, your body needs more! While your shower water may looks clean, it may contain potentially harmful contaminants picked up on its journey through aging water tanks and pipes. Moolmang Romance Shower Filter enables you to a refreshing shower for your mind and body without potentially harmful contaminants such as rust, sediments and lime.



Removes Rust & Sediments

Romance filter cartridge of 5 micron removes rust, sand, dust and sediments

Prevent Lime Scale

Romance filter cartridge of 5 micron removes lime properties properly in water

Quick & Easy Installation

Attach to your hand held shower head in just minutes with no special tools required

Convenient for Travel

Compact size and light (36 g) can be lessen a load for your joyful travel


Romance Shower Filter Specification
Item Moolmang Romance Shower Filter
Model No. UMTS-PU02
Product Size Ø29.5 x 94 mm
Net Weight 36 g
Rated Flow 2.0 GPM
Operating Pressure 28.4 ~ 113.6 PSI (2 ~ 8 kgf/cm²)
Operating Temperature 33.8 ~ 140 º F (1~60 º C)
Filter Capacity 1~2 months per 1 cartridge for the 4 family members shower in average
Material ABS, PP, PC
Color White head and transparent body
Inlet/Outlet ½”(G1/2x14, International Standard)
Usage For shower only
  • kotra
  • FDA
  • ISO 9001
  • NSF