For your refreshing & clean shower without contaminants!

Pure Shower Head


Taking a refreshing shower washes away your daily fatigue. Sometimes, though, your body needs more! While your shower water may looks clean, it may contain potentially harmful contaminants picked up on its journey through aging pipes. Moolmang Pure Shower Head enables you to a refreshing shower for your mind and body without potentially harmful contaminants.


Water Plant

Even clean tap water supply from water plant, but, tap water go through old pipe that nearing the end of its useful life and reach to each home.

The quality of your tap water may be affected by aging water pipes and it may contain potentially harmful contaminants picked up on its journey through aging pipes.

Also, this potentially harmful contaminants cause skin problem such as itchiness, dry skin, etc after take a shower every single day.

Everyone has a right to take a shower with clean water rather than wait till replace aging pipe lines and need to protect themselves and their family from these water concern.

Moolmang Pure Shower Head removes contaminants like rust, sand, dust and fine pollutants by applied PP filter ( 5micron) and prevent germ growth by antibacterial ceramic ball cartridge.

Why Choose Moolmang Pure Shower Head?

Pure Shower Head

Removes Contaminants

Removes Contaminants
Pure filter cartridge of 5 micron removes rust, sand,
dust fine pollutants and floating matters.

Pure Shower Head

Prevents Germ Growth

Prevents Germ Growth
Antibacterial ball cartridge in the head prevents germ
growth for your healthy shower.

Pure Shower Head

High Pressured Shower

High Pressured Shower
Specialized shower plate increasing 200% of water pressure
so that you can enjoy refreshing shower.

Pure Shower Head

Water Saving up to 40%

Water Saving up to 40%
Specialized shower plate provides water saving effect upto 40%
when compare with general shower head due to flow rate of this
shower head 6.0 liter per minute, but, general shower head shows
over 9~10 liter per minute.

Pure Shower Head

Soft & Silky Shower

Soft & Silky Shower
Specialized shower plate of 0.2 mm tiny hole provides soft and silky
shower spray. You can enjoy soft shower for your skin.

Pure Shower Head

Fresh An Ion Shower

Fresh An Ion Shower
Specialized shower plate makes the shower head to release fresh
An-Ions over 400,000 ea. So, you can enjoy fresh water fall shower.


Need to Think about Your Shower Head and Shower Water

Your shower water may contain potentially harmful contaminants through old pipes and these contaminants may cause skin irritation, itchiness, dry skin and hair damaged. Also, some research found that the majority contained a harmful bacteria lucking in the shower slime which has been linked to lung disease.

According to new research in 2018, researchers also found that bacteria thrive in showerheads and some of them are potential pathogens and experts suggest to reduce exposures to these bacteria.

This is why you need Moolmang Pure Shower Head that can reduce contaminants such as rust, fine pollutants and floating matters, also, it can prevent to bacteria growth. So, do you still take a shower with contaminants and bacteria in your shower water?

Contaminants in Shower


How to Change Pure Filter Cartridge?

Pure Filter Cartridge

1. Disassemble the head from the shower handle.
2. Take existing cartridge out.
3. Then, insert new one into the shower handle.
4. Assemble the head with the shower handle.


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Vita-Fresh-Shower-Head Specification
Item Moolmang Pure Shower Head
Model No. UMPU-SHSA01
Size 74(W) x 67(D) x 257(H) mm
Net Weight 177 g
Service Life of Filter 1~2 months for the 4 family members in average per
1 Pure filter cartridge (Depending on water temperature,
pressure and usage)
Temperature 34 ~ 140 ºF (1~60º C)
Water Pressure 28.4 ~ 113.6 PSI (2~8 kgf/cm2)
Rated Flow 6.0 L/min
Inlet / Outlet G1/2x14 (International Standard)
Contents Shower Head 1 pc, Owner’s manual included