Vitafresh® Shower Filter enriches your refreshing shower without Chlroine & Chloramine!

Vitafresh Advanced Shower Filter

Vitamin C Advanced Filter Cartridges

Newer, Bigger, Better, Longer Lasting Cartridge!

Vitamin C Advanced Filter Cartridges are newer, bigger, better and longer lasting than classic filter cartridge. These innovative and new upgraded filter cartridge will extend its life. It has unique structure which can control to release the amount of Vitamin C. By this unique structure, it release Vitamin C in exact quantity into the water to neutralize chlorine perfectly.


And, Vitamin C Advanced Filter Cartridge is formulated with and made of 100% food grade of Vitamin C, making it the best and safest way to remove residual chlorine, and, it is an ideal method to protect the sensitive skin from chlorinated water.


Beyond the anti-oxidant Vitamin C prevailed in most kinds of skin care products, now our filtration technology physically provides you with a natural resolution in the shower and bath.


Vitamin C Advanced Filter Cartridge contains more about 27 grams of Vitamin C than classic filter cartridge and is capable of neutralizing chlorine in 10,000 liters of water.

Vitamin C Filter

Chlorine & Skin

Chlorine also attacks the skin and skin oils, creating a dermal drying effect. Shower water can also cause or worsen skin irritations and rashes as well as drying the skin. Showering and bathing in chlorinated water will also result in the breakage of hair shafts. Because chlorine is absorbed into the body through the skin, additional physical problems can ensue. Chlorinated water can also irritate eyes, leaving them red, itchy and burning. Inhaling the toxic steam can aggravate the sinuses and lungs. Chloramines, although a more stable compound, contains chlorine and ammonia and is also used to control bacteria in water systems. Its harmful effects cause the same dangers as pure chlorine.


So, our Vitafresh Shower Filter removes of 99% chlorine to protect the skin from the side effects of chlorine.

Chlorine & Hair

Hair is still a part of our skin, but the major difference from our skin is that hair is not curable once it is damaged. Chlorine residue oxidizes protein and cuticle causing dull and clumsy looking hair as well as dandruff.


So, our Vitafresh Shower Filter removes of 99% chlorine to protect the hair from damage.

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