Luxury Style Shower Head for Chlorine Removal, Reduce Hardness of water, Water Saving and Silky & Massage Shower!

Vitafresh® Shower Head

Vita-Fresh Shower head

Why Choose Vitafresh Shower Head?

Vita-Fresh Shower head-water

Vitamin C Water

Vitamin C infused shower water with a Vitamin C equivalent to 600 oranges,
keep your glowing skin and gorgeous hair!

Enjoy Vitamin C infused shower water~!

Vita-Fresh Shower head-water

Vita-Fresh Shower head-water

Removes Residual Chlorine

Removes 99.9 % of residual chlorine in tap water to keep your healthy skin and hair!

Enjoy chlorine free shower water~!

Vita-Fresh Shower head-water

Vita-Fresh Shower head-saving

Increasing Water Pressure / Water Saving

Specialized shower plate provide water saving effect of 40~60% while
increasing water pressure with silky water spray~!

Enjoy silky shower spray with water saving~!


Vita-Fresh Shower head-shower

Natural Negative Ions Shower

Specialized shower plate makes the shower head to release 400,000 negative !
ions per 1 cc of water, so that you can enjoy natural waterfall shower with
silky water spray!

Enjoy natural negative ions shower~!

Vita-Fresh Shower head-shower

Vita-Fresh Shower head-pollutants

Removes Fine Pollutants

PP Felt Filter Cartridge removes rust & fine pollutants so that you can enjovvy clean shower water~!

Vita-Fresh Shower head-pollutants



Smaller Water Cluster

Specialized DOLKI ceramic ball makes water cluster smaller by its natural porosity structure with rotary
motion so that you can enjoy soft shower water~!



How to Change Vitamin C Advanced Filter Cartridge?


1. Disassemble the head from the shower handle.
2. Take existing cartridge out and insert new one into the shower handle.
3. Assemble the head with the shower handle.


How to Change PP Felt Filter Cartridge?


1. Disassemble the head cap from the head.
2. Take existing cartridge out.
3. Place new one into the head cap.
4. Assemble the head cap with the head.


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