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Alkaline water system for your healthy drinking water!

Alkaline Water System(Counter Top / Under Sink)

Alkaline Water System (Under Sink, UWFUS 200)



Moolmang Alkaline Water System (Under sink type, UWFUS 200) provide Alkaline Reduced Water (ARW) with abundant mineral and active hydrogen beneficial to the human body and neutralizes the active oxygen in the body that is the cause of diseases.

The human body may keep or loose its health by the response of the active oxygen. Cells existing in the immune system use the active oxygen to kill bacteria or virus and dissolve unnecessary cells or substances through oxidation reaction.

However, if the active oxygen is excessively generated, it damages genes, cell membranes, proteins, etc., to cause disorders.

Active oxygen is a cause of various diseases including brain diseases such as Alzheimer’s and Pakinson’s disease, cancer, cataract, hardening of the arteries, diabetes, allergy, hepatitis, nephritis, etc., and even involved in the phenomena of aging process.



1st Sediment Filter

The membrane of this filter is covered with a layer of melt-blown polypropylene filter media. This exterior surface and the adsorptive membrane can provide filtration to 5 micron nominal rating. It maximizes the water purification effects from initial stage by completely removing various setting, micro-organism, oxidized substance to exclude rust, dirt, sand and microscope impurities.

2nd Pre Carbon Filter

The carbon filter that uses granular activated carbon makes water close to nature by absorbing or removing organic chemical substance such as chlorine contents and odor produced in the course of making tap water.

3rd UF Membrane Filter

Ultrafiltration(UF) is a separate process using membranes with pore size in the range of 0.1 to 0.001 micron. Typically, UF membranes will remove high molecular-weight substances, colloidal materials, organic and inorganic polymeric molecules allowing only fresh water and dissolved minerals to pass through.

4th Alkaline Carbon Block Filter

This filter is specially designed to promote a balanced pH water with improved oxidation reduction potential(ORP) utilizing earth mineral without undesirable tastes.

4th Post Carbon Filter(Optional)

Post carbon filter in the past phase of cleaning process makes clean water without any unpleasant odor and taste.

  Sediment Filter Pre Carbon Filter UF Filter Alkaline Carbon Block Filter
Function Removes sediments, fine pollutants Removes odors, chlorine Removes heavy metal, bacteria upto 0.1~0.01 micron Produce alkaline water with lower ORP
Material PP Activated Carbon Polysulfone Membrane Carbon Block, Mg alloy
Filter Type Nipple ¼”, I or U type Nipple ¼”, I or U type Nipple ¼”, I or U type Nipple ¼”, I or U type
Pore Size 5 micron - 0.1 ~ 0.01 mircon -
Maximum Flow 1 GPM(4 LPM) 1 GPM(4 LPM) 1 GPM(4 LPM) 1 GPM(4 LPM)
Maximum Pressure 70 PSI 70 PSI 70 PSI 70 PSI
Maximum Temperature 113°F (45°C) 113°F (45°C) 113°F (45°C) 113°F (45°C)
Burst Pressure 500 PSI 500 PSI 500 PSI 500 PSI
Replacement Period 3 months 6 months 12 months Max. 6 months
Effective Filtration Capacity 1,800 L 3,000 L 6,050 L

3,000 L

Model No. UWFUS-200 (Under Sink Type)
Size 306 (W) x 90 (D) x 370 (H) mm
Weight 2 Kg
Color Black
  • kotra
  • FDA
  • ISO 9001
  • NSF