Water Filter & Water Purifier

3 stage water filtration system for your healthy drinking water!

Aqua System (Table Top Type)

Aqua System (Table Top Type)

Aqua System (Table Top Type)

Aqua System is an innovative new water filter designed to efficiently extract particles, chemicals, organic matter and other contaminants that affect your water’s taste and pose risks to your health. But, unlike many other filtration systems on the market, Aqua System leaves Intact the healthy minerals that enrich water naturally, offering you superior water for healthy hydration

Aqua System (Table Top Type)

Luxurious Color Design (White / Silver / Blue)

Aqua System (Table Top Type)

Three Filter / Quick Change / Mood Lamp System

Three Filters for Superior Quality Water.

With its efficient three-filter system, Aqua System installs easily into your existing infrastructure and gives you a constant supply of water free of harmful and unpleasant particles and odors.

  • 1st Stage: Pre Carbon Block Filter

    Lead reduction carbon block with a pre-filtration medium

  • 2nd Stage: UF Filter

    Hollow fiber-type membranes

  • 3rd Stage: Post Carbon Block Filter

    Chloramines reduction carbon block with a pre-filtration medium

Quick Change System

Easy to replace the filter cartridge by quick change system for convenient
& hygienic!

Mood Lamp

Romantic blue mood lamp for water supplying!


Aqua System Specification
  Pre Carbon Block Filter UF Membrane Filter Post Carbon Block Filter
Function Remove polluted fine particles & chlorine Remove heavy metal, bacteria upto 0.1 micron Remove chloramine, odor
Material PP, Carbon Polysulfone Membrane PP, Carbon
Filter Type Nipple ¼” U or Quick
Change Type
Nipple ¼” U or Quick
Change Type
Nipple ¼” U or Quick
Change Type
Pore Size 5 micron 0.1~0.001 mircon 1 micron
Maximum Flow 1GPM(4LPM) 1GPM(4LPM) 1GPM(4LPM)
Maximum Pressure 70 PSI 70 PSI 70 PSI
Maximum Temperature 113°F (45°C) 113°F (45°C) 113°F (45°C)
Burst Pressure 500 PSI 500 PSI 500 PSI
Replacement Period Max. 6 months Max. 12 months Max. 6 months
Effective Filtration Capacity 300 Gallons(1,136 L) 2,000 Gallons(7,570 L) 300 Gallons(1,136 L)
Model No. UWF-200T
Size 131(W) x 336 (D) x 349 (H) mm
Weight 3.0 Kg
Color White, Silver, Blue
20 Ft Loading 1,000 PC