Water Filter & Water Purifier

New designed and luxury water purifier for your clean & healthy drinking water!

Hot & Cold Water Purifier (DWP-815T/DWP-816S)

Filter System

  • [Step 1] Sediment Filter

    It is maximizes the water purification effects from initial stage by removing completely various setting, micro organism, oxidized substance to include rust dirt, sand and microscope impurities of even 5 micron size.

  • [Step 2] Pre Carbon Filter

    The carbon filter that uses granular activated carbon makes water closed to natural by absorbing or removing such organic chemical substance as chlorine contents and odor produced in the course of making tap water.

  • [Step 3 - U/F] Ultra Filtration Filter

    The microscopic ultra filtration filter of 0.01~0.04 microns allows the passage of only the clean water containing mineral contents after removing all the germs and impurities remaining in the water.

  • [Step 3 - R/O] Reverse Osmoses Filter / Option

    The microscopic hole-film hundreds of thousands time smaller than human hair makes you feel at ease by removing carcinogenic, heavy metal and agricultural chemicals floating in the water.

  • [Step 4] Post Carbon Filter

    The post carbon filter in the last phase of cleaning process makes clean water any unpleasant odor and taste, preventing the multiplication of germs.

Specification of the Filter

Specification of Water Purifier (DWP-815T / DWP-816S)
  Sediment Pre-Carbon U/F R/O(Oprional) Post-Carbon Alkaline(Optional)
Funciton Dirt, sand, particles remove Chlorine, odors, chemical reduction Remove pore size 0.1~0.001 micron Remove pore size 0.0001 micron Taste, odors reduction Increase hydrogen ion & provide ARW
Filter Material PP Granular Activated Carbon Polysulfone Membrane Filmtect R/O Membrane Granular Activated Carbon Mg, GAC
Filter Size 11" 11" 11" 11"~13" 11" 11"
Pore Size 5 micron Granular type 0.01~0.1 micron 0.0001 micron Granular type -
Maximum Flow 1GPM 1GPM 1GPM 1GPM 1GPM 1GPM
Maximum Pressure 70 PSI 70 PSI 70 PSI 120 PSI 70 PSI 70 PSI
Maximum Temp. 113°F (45°C) 113°F (45°C) 113°F (45°C) 113°F (45°C) 113°F (45°C) 113°F (45°C)
Burst Pressure 500 PSI 500 PSI 500 PSI 500 PSI 500 PSI 500 PSI
Effective Filtration Capacity 1,800 L 3,000 L 3,000 L 1,800 L 3,000 L 2,400 L
Duration 2~3 months 3~6 months 12 months 12~24 months 5~6 months 6~8 months