Water & health

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Water is Life! Water is Your Health!

Why should we drink water frequently?

Modern life is so overly busy that we rarely take the time to drink water as often as required.


In our busy lives, we may be neglectful of drinking water.


The hard fact of everyday life is that those drinks such as coffee after meals, sodas with fast foods and caffeine drinks fulfill thirst needs.




However, if you feel tired, dizzy and not strong enough all day long although you are not particularly sick, your skin gets dried, and the urine is little, it is because that the water in your body is not enough.

That is, your body is in need for water intake.


As a matter of fact, if the amount of water in the human body is always insufficient by 1~2%, Water is the extremely critical element in order for us to keep our bodies maintained as much as that each cell of our bodies is floating on the water.


And, the water exists in every corner of our bodies in different forms and carries out different functions. The average amount of water required to keep the organs of our bodies healthy to perform their functions is approximately 1.5~2 liters.


Recent researches found out that the chronic dehydration raises chances of urolithiasis, breast cancer, colon cancer, urinary tract cancer and obesity of children and teenagers. This is why we should drink water frequently for sound life.


Water is Life! Water is Your Health!