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7 stages alkaline water system for your healthy drinking water!

Alkaline Water System(Counter Top / Under Sink)

Alkaline Water System (Under Sink, UAW-200U)

Alkaline Water System (Under Sink, UAW-200U)


Alkaline Water System provide Alkaline Reduced Water (ARW) by our own unique 7 stages filtration system. ARW with abundant mineral and active hydrogen beneficial to the human body neutralizes the active oxygen in the human body that is the cause of diseases.

The human body may keep or lose its health by the response of the active oxygen. Cells existing in the immune system in the human body use the active oxygen to kill bacteria or virus and dissolve unnecessary cells or substances through oxidation.

If the active oxygen, however, is excessively generated, it damages genes, cell membranes, proteins and so forth to cause disorders. Active oxygen is a cause of various diseases including brain diseases such as Alzheimer's disease and Parkinson's disease, cancers, cataract, hardening of the arteries, diabetes, allergy, hepatitis, nephritis and so on, and even involved in the phenomena of aging process.

[Test 1] Cleave an apple and put them in the air for a certain amount of time. The surfaces of the apple pieces get oxidized to have substances discoloring to brown formed on them. The same reaction takes place inside the human body by the active oxygen. This is the phenomena of aging process.

[Test 2] If a clip is dipped in tap water, the clip gathers rust just in 2~3 days. On the other hand, alkaline reduced water rarely gathers rust. It shows that while tap water has a strong oxidizing power, alkaline reduced water has abundant active hydrogen to resist oxidation.

The active oxygen penetrated into the human body damages cells or genes around to cause aging or diseases. But if the active hydrogen is injected through the alkaline reduced water, the active oxygen and the active hydrogen are integrated to turn into harmless water and be eliminated outside the human body.


World widely well-known spring water, namely, water of Lourdes, France, water of Tlacote, Mexico and water of Nordenauer, Germany all contain abundant active hydrogen.


Alkaline Reduced Water as stated above,

  • ▶ Removes the active oxygen in the body that is unnecessary,
  • ▶ Improves immunity,
  • ▶ Contains abundant active hydrogen,
  • ▶ Relieves hangover,
  • ▶ Quickly absorbed into the body as water clusters are smaller,
  • ▶ Helps improving the flavor of coffee and tea,
  • ▶ Helps increasing the savor of gormet cuisines,
  • ▶ And, improves physical constitution.

Luxurious Package Design

Alkaline Water System - Luxurious Package Design